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Athletic Directions - Soccer

Jersey Shore - WSCS soccer field
approximate address:
  123 Main St
  Salladasburg, PA
Link to Google Maps Directions
  1. From State College, take 1-99 to I-80
  2. Exit 173 Lamar
  3. At traffic light, turn left of Rt 64 North
  4. Go 4-5 miles to traffic light, turn right and proceed to take rt 220 North
  5. Go past Jersey Shore Exits (Thomas St and Main St)
  6. Go 1 mile after Main St and turn left onto Rt 287 North
  7. Go 5 miles, turn right onto Rt 973 East
  8. Go .2 miles, soccer field is on the left
Mifflin County Christian Academy
5113 Back Maitland Rd.
McClure, PA 17841
Link to Google Maps Directions
  1. Follow 22 East (becomes 22/522 after Mt. Union) towards Lewistown
  2. Merge onto 22 East/322 East/522 North toward Harrisburg/Selinsgrove
  3. Follow signs to stay on 522 North
  4. Take 522 North about 10 miles and turn RIGHT onto SHINDEL ROAD 
  5. Take Shindel Road about 1/2 miles and turn LEFT onto BACK MAITLAND ROAD
  6. School & soccer field on left in about 1/4 mile
Centre County Christian Academy
100 Hertzler Drive
Bellefonte, PA
Link to Google Maps Directions
  1. Follow Route 26 North to Route 45 just past Pine Grove Mills
  2. Follow Route 45 to intersection with 322 Business and Warner Blvd
  3. Continue straight onto Warner Blvd toward 322 Bypass
  4. Turn left to merge onto Route 322 Bypass - Mt Nittany Expressway toward State College
  5. Take the exit onto I-99 North toward I-80/Bellefonte
  6. Take exit 80 for Harrison Road 
  7. Turn left onto North Harrison Road
  8. At the Y intersections, go slight right onto Blanchard St/T430
  9. Turn left onto Gregory Lane for the Centre County soccer field
Mt. Carmel Christian School
1231 Mount Pleasant Rd
Mt. Pleasant, PA
Link to Google Maps Directions
  1. Follow Route 26 South to Route 22 West
  2. Continue west on 22 West to Frankstown Road (toward Blair County Ball Park)
  3. Right on Frankstown Road and follow to I-99 South
  4. Follow I-99 South to Route 22 West Exit (next one after Plank Road)
  5. Follow Route 22 West to Route 66 South (portion will be toll)
  6. 66 South will merge into 119 South
  7. At second light on 119 South, turn LEFT onto CROSSROADS Rd. (George's Trading Post-Car Dealership located on the left diagonally from turn)
  8. In about 500 feet, take another left onto Richey Road
  9. School will be about 1 mile further



DuBois Christian Schools
197 Eastern Avenue
DuBois, PA 15801


Click here to check directions in Google Maps (note: Google maps will use 350 to Philipsburg instead of 322)


  1. Follow route 22 West to route 453 (Water Street)
  2. Turn right on to route 453 and follow route 453 to I-99 North
  3. Turn right on to I-99 North and follow to Exit 61(322 towards Philipsburg)
  4. At Exit 61, turn left onto High Street and continue a short distance til the road takes a short jog right - turn left to merge onto 322 West
  5. Stay on 322 West into Philipsburg
  6. Turn right at light at N. Centre Street/Route 322
  7. Continue on 322 for 10 miles to PA 970 North
  8. Turn right on 970 to I-80 
  9. Turn left to merge onto I-80 West
  10. Take exit 101 - PA 255 South 
  11. Turn right at end of exit onto PA 255
  12. Follow 255 about 1 mile til the DuBois Mall is on the left
  13. At the 2nd light (Shaffer Road) turn left, keeping the mall on your left
  14. At the 2nd light on Shaffer, after crossing railroad tracks, turn right on to Maple Avenue Extension
  15. Continue about 2/10 mile to see the sign for First Baptist Church and DuBois Christian School on the right with the driveway just before the sign.
Great Commission Christian School
Leopold Field off 40th St
Altoona, PA
  1. Follow route 22 West to route 453 (Water Street)
  2. Turn right on to route 453 and follow route 453 to I-99 South
  3. Turn left on to I-99 South and follow to Plank Road Exit
  4. Turn right at the end of the ramp.
  5. Turn left at 1st light - Goods Lane. The mall will be on your right after you turn.
  6. Continue on this street - Goods Lane will become 58th St
  7. Turn left onto 40th Street
  8. Follow signs to Leopold Field - this is a left turn off 40th Street.