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Enrollment typically takes place through spring and summer, but is available year round.  

Most of the application forms are available below.  Please fill out these forms and submit to our school office.  After submitting the application forms, an interview will be scheduled and further information may be required.  Feel free to call or email us to find out more information about the application process.

Please choose an application based on the grade your child will be entering in the coming school year:

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K4 - 6th Grade: Elementary Application

7th - 12th Grade: Jr. High/Sr. High Application

For students transferring from another public or private school, please use the form below to request transcripts.
Note: Homeschool students may need to provide documentation on courses completed, portfolio information, and grades earned.

Transcript Request 

All incoming students are required to provide basic medical history information as requested on the Medical History Form: 

Medical History Form

In most cases, transportation is provided from neighboring school districts at no charge to the parents.  Please fill out the Busing Information sheet to identify your transportation needs:

Busing Information Sheet


For your convenience, we offer a 10-month payment plan. The first payment is due on August 5 and the final payment is on May 5. Tuition is always due on the 5th of the month. Tuition is only charged for the first four children from a family. Please look at the following chart to determine the tuition for each child.

Student (Oldest to Youngest)
Jr/Sr High 7-12
Elementary K-6
Child #1
Child #2
Child #3
Child #4

Learn more about tuition, fees, discounts, and scholarships:

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